Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pawnshop?

Most people have heard of pawn shops, but many have ideas and images that are, shall we say, less than accurate on just what a pawn shop is and what we offer. The short definition - we offer a short term loan based on the collateral that you pledge. No credit check, no wait for approval by the loan officer, just fast cash! When you have a loan to buy your home, you pledge the home as collateral in the event that you don't, or can't, pay back the loan. If you don't pay your loan back, your home becomes the property of the bank. We operate in much the same fashion. You bring in an item to pledge for a loan, you leave the item with us, and we give you cash and a receipt to bring back. In Nevada, the term of the loan is 90 days. You can pay the interest at this time and we will give you a "new" loan, again good for another 90 days. Most people do pick up their collateral and repay the loan, but when they do not, we in turn sell the items to recover our investment. That, in the short definition, is it!

What types of items do we take for collateral at Mr. Pawn?

Most things of value! We do have a saying of 'Nothing that eats or excretes' as we have, and still are, constantly being offered pet snakes, unruly children, and noisy birds. The most popular items pledged include gold and platinum jewelry, diamonds, high grade watches such as Rolex, Baume & Mercier and Patek Philippe, quality tools (makes such as Snap-on, MAC, Makita, Craftsman, Milwaukee and other industrial grade tools - nothing from China, Pakistan or other 'third world' nations), firearms, coins, guitars, musical instruments, TV's, computers, metal detectors, camcorders, digital cameras, knives, Firearms, Hand Guns, Rifles, Shot Guns ...the list goes on and on! Part of the fun of this business is that it is different every day. I have over 20 years of experience in the pawn business and I STILL get offered things that have never come in before! COINS, PAPER MONEY AND GOLD, SILVER AND PLATINUM BULLION - we loan on better date and grade rare coins and bullion items, especially silver dollars, key date coins and 'slabbed' coins from PCGS and NGC. TV's, CAMCORDERS - must have remote controls and be 2 years old or newer. CAMCORDERS and RECHARGEABLE TOOLS must have the charger and other electronics must be 3 years old or newer, completely operational and CLEAN. GUITARS and other musical instruments must have a case. COINS, OBSOLETE CASINO CHIPS AND TOKENS may be used as collateral for a loan. As this is a very subjective type of material, check with us to find whether or not we can accept what you have. CAMERAS must either be a professional grade format type camera or certain digital cameras. Check with us to see the current megapixel rating required. LAPTOP COMPUTERS must be 2 years or newer with the latest processor or a MACINTOSH G-4 powerbook or iBook/eBook DESKTOP COMPUTERS must be 2 years or newer with the latest processor  (including iMac, eMac and iBook). They must have a keyboard, mouse, and the cables. LAPTOPS must have a power cord, charger or adapter. TOOLS must be American made and/or of a quality make, such as Craftsman, Snap On, MAC, Milwaukee, Makita, Porter Cable, Bosch and other QUALITY makes; NOTHING from China, Pakistan, Korea, or other third world countries. VIDEO GAME UNITS must have controllers, power adaptors/cords, and a game cartridge or disc. IN ALL CASES, THE ITEM MUST BE FULLY FUNCTIONAL, WITH ALL KNOBS, DOORS, BUTTONS, CORDS, ANTENNAS ETC PRESENT AND WORKING!!!!!! IF YOU NEED TO TELL US ABOUT HOW SOMETHING EITHER DOESN'T WORK, OR SORTA WORKS, OR WORKS SOMETIMES, WE DO NOT WANT IT!!!!!! ALL ITEMS WILL BE TESTED FOR FUNCTION!!!!!! The reason we have to be so fussy is because we warrantee all of our used electronics, and tools. If your item is older than what we list, we may be able to buy it from you, if you wish. And of course, items we accept are subject to change as is the amount we will loan.

We do not accept ALL brands and/or models of the above items for collateral, so we of course reserve the right NOT to take something, even if it is on this list!

Do you buy as well as loan?

Yes, and you can get a slightly higher amount by selling. If you do sell, you DO NOT get the item back and we cannot hold it for you! Many items, such as used, guitars without cases and DVD's may ONLY be bought!

What does it cost?

You pay back the loan with an interest charge of 13% per month or any portion of the month. There is also a one time $5.00 ticket and handling charge. You do NOT need to make any payments until you pick up your items. As a matter of fact, we will not even take a payment! Some states do require regular monthly payments, but not in Nevada!

How much can I get?

That depends. We really have no maximum amount that we can loan on an item, up to a portion of its resale value. We loan a portion of the amount that we can expect to receive if we have to sell the item if you do not come back to get it. It is based upon years of experience and how well and fast different types of items sell and does not relate to how much the item cost new. Yes, your item is worth more than we are loaning on it and we will take your past loan record into consideration, both the redeems AND the losses. We do need to see and examine the item before we can give an estimation, however. MOST people do of course pick up the items they put into pawn, but we have to look at all things by what we could sell them for if you didn't come back.

What do I need to have to take out a loan?

You will need a state issued picture ID card or drivers license. This can be from any state. We CANNOT take anything from you without ID! PERIOD! We also CANNOT take birth certificates, social security cards, temporary drivers' license or ID card, car registrations, verbal ID from a friend, health department cards, pawn tickets from another pawn shop, paycheck subs, police reports and printouts, traffic tickets, insurance cards, rent/utility receipts, bank statements, photocopies of ID, passports, student ID, ID bought from the back of a magazine, mail, marriage license, divorce decree, fishing license, hunting license, library card, health club card, credit card, membership store card, draft card, hospital ID bracelet, report card, welfare/food stamp cards, your fingerprints or fingerprint card, union card, prison inmate ID, notes from your mother, company employee ID, high school or college diploma or check cashing ID cards for acceptable ID. The list of acceptable ID is very short and is defined by law. (And yes, we have been offered ALL of the above for ID.)

Will my items be safe?

Yes they will. We are licensed by the City and State and have undergone very extensive background investigations in order to be in business. Our operation is constantly monitored by the City and law enforcement. In addition, all employees are checked out by the Police Department prior to gaining employment. Our store is highly secured with multiple security systems, monitored camera systems and armed personnel. All of us have heard the horror stories concerning items left in pawn. This is NOT the case at Mr. Pawn! Many people, in fact, are so comfortable with us that they pledge their jewelry, coins and electronics for a small loan in order to have it safely stored, retrieving it when they want to wear or use it.

What are the terms of the loan?

Nevada: You have 90 days in which to repay the loan and retrieve your items. The interest runs 13% per month, with a one time $5.00 ticket/handling charge. You can pay the interest towards the end of your loan and we will give you another 90 days. This also applies if you are using Mr. Pawn as a secure place to store your valuables!

Arizona: A pawnbroker may charge or receive interest at a rate not exceeding 13% percent per month for the first two months and at a rate not exceeding 11% percent per month thereafter. A pawnbroker shall prorate interest on a daily basis and shall not impose an additional charge if the pledgor agrees to pay a loan in monthly installments, except that interest for two months may be charged or received if the pledged good are redeemed within tow months of the pawn transaction. A one time $5.00 initial setup fee.

How many tickets can I have at once? How often can I pawn something?

In short, as many as you want and as often as you want! We have many regular customers that pawn daily or even more often and others we see but once a year. You can bring in as many different items as you want, or you can bring in the same item many times. That is the beauty of the pawn shop - you can't max out your credit, only to be charged with an 'over credit' charge and the only limit on how much you can borrow is in how much your items are worth on pawn to us!

I want to pawn more than one item. Will they all be on one ticket?

Mesquite Police Department REQUIRES (1) item per ticket for serial numbered items, jewelry can be up to 3 items per ticket.

NO EXCEPTIONS!Mesquite Police Department requires all serial serial numbered items to be on individual tickets. Jewelry can be up to 3 items per ticket.

Boulder City Police Department REQUIRES (1) item per ticket for all Items. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What if I can get a higher amount for my item, but I elected to take less. Can I get the additional amount later?.

No! Once a loan is written, we CANNOT change the amount of the loan. Our bookkeepers would have us shot! You can 'redeem' your item and we can write a new loan for the higher amount, less the interest already accrued and the original amount given, at that time. And no, you do not need to pay us before we pay you back; we will just deduct the interest from the difference.

I want to get a loan on something that I bought from I get a better price?

On jewelry that you buy from us, if the item is still in good condition we will loan you up to one half of the original purchase price, AS LONG AS YOU BRING IN THE ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT!! Other items, such as electronics, tools etc, are subject to our regular rules as to age and condition. If you have the receipt on these types of items, we MAY be able to give you a little more, depending on the type of item and its condition.

What if I can't pay the loan off?

You may pay just the interest and handling charge. This will give you another 90 days. We do not accept part payments; however when you pay the interest and we re-write the loan for you, you may elect to pay off part of the loan at that time and we will re-write the new loan for the new amount. If you are out of town or cannot come in, you can have someone else pay the interest for you and we will give them a new pawn ticket for the new loan. It will be still made out in your name and you will either have to give someone written authorization to pick up the loan or come in yourself.

Do I have a 'grace' period on the loan?

No. We need to see you by the end of your loan! We do, as a matter of policy, hold loans for the full four months, rather than the shorter time of 90 days as the laws requires. If your loan goes over the 90 day limit, you will pay the additional month's interest as a late fee. WE DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING OUT TO YOU!!!!!!

I live out of town. Can you ship me my items?

We can ship jewelry items and guarantee the shipment. This requires an additional charge of $15.00 which covers registered shipping and insurance. Contact us for info on this! We will carefully package and ship the item. We need the written request for shipping to be made out and sent in with the ticket, with the address to ship to included! WE WILL NOT JUST SHIP IT TO THE ADDRESS ON FILE!!!! If your signature tends to vary, it is a good idea to get it notarized.

Can I have a friend/family member/spouse pick up my loan?

Yes, as long as you give WRITTEN permission for them to do that BY NAME. If you know that you may want someone else to pick up the loan when you make it, you can sign a permission slip at the time of the loan and we will keep it with the loan. As long as your signature matches on your written note with what we have on file, we can release the items to someone else. THIS IS A COURTESY THAT WE EXTEND TO OUR CUSTOMERS. WE REGRET THAT IF YOUR SIGNATURE DOES NOT MATCH WHAT WE HAVE ON FILE, WE WILL BE UNABLE TO RELEASE IT TO ANYONE ELSE! THIS IS A SAFETY CHECK FOR YOU, SO THAT AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS NOT ABLE TO REDEEM YOUR ITEMS IN THE EVENT YOU LOSE YOUR TICKET!!! No, we cannot call someone on the phone to have them give permission to pick up a loan, and I don't care if you do have their ID! NO WRITTEN PERMISSION WITH A MATCHING SIGNATURE, NO RELEASE OF THE PAWNED ITEMS! If your signature varies, you may wish to have the note notarized. FIREARMS MUST BE REDEEMED BY PERSON WHO PAWNED IT, NO EEXCEPTIONS!!!!

Do you mail out a reminder notice?

No. It is your responsibility to remember that your loan is about to expire.

Can I get information about my loan over the phone?

Some. We treat ALL transactions as confidential, so we are limited to what we can tell you over the phone. Due dates and interest amounts can be given, but they are on the ticket that we give to you and it would be much faster and easier to look at your ticket. We CANNOT tell you what is in each ticket, determine which ring is in which loan or give you other such info over the phone. This is to protect your right of privacy!

I just realized that my loan expired a few weeks ago. Can I still get my items?

Maybe. But it may have already been sold, listed on the internet for sale, sold for 'scrap value' or otherwise not available. When material comes out of pawn, it is grouped together with other out of pawn items, sorted, cleaned and repaired as needed. Jewelry may be broken down into components or sent to be refined, or it may go to our inventory or offered on one of the many internet auctions we do.

I lost my ticket....what now?

Just bring in your ID. We do have to charge you a $5.00 lost ticket charge for each ticket. This is charged even if you still have your ticket but do not have it with you, and is non-refundable. This is charged regardless of your pawn history with us. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR TICKET, YOU WILL NEED YOUR ID!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

I think I see something out for sale that was taken from me. What should I do?

The VERY first thing to do is to make a police report. ALL items that we take in are checked out by the police and are computerized to crosscheck with these reports. We hold all purchases for a month and loans are held for four months before we can sell them! WE CANNOT GIVE YOU ANY INFORMATION ABOUT WHO PAWNED/SOLD US AN ITEM! Remember that manufacturers make thousands; if not millions of the same item and that you are not the only one who bought one. Serial numbers, inscriptions, markings and suspected individuals are all very important items to put on the report. Less than one tenth of one percent of ALL stolen items ends up in a pawn shop. Most are sold at flea markets, construction sites, second hand shops, taken to California or Mexico or to co-workers and friends. If you do have a police report filed and have the case (DR) number and the item is listed, we can put a hold on it while you contact the detective on your case. We cannot, however, just give you the item back. We will do everything we can to work with you, but you need to follow the procedures set up by the police department and the state legislature! This includes prosecuting the individual(s) involved!

Do you offer any guarantees on an out-of-pawn item that I buy?

Yes we do. On electronics, tools and cameras, we offer a ten day guarantee. This does not cover abuse or a change of mind, though. We do not give cash back on returns, but we can issue a store credit good at any of our locations.

Do you do 'lay-a-ways'?

YES!! We need a deposit of 25 percent and usually set it up for 90 days on most items. Other time arrangements can be worked out! We do not charge a service fee for layaway.

I bought something from you and I would like to trade it in on something better, what can I get on a trade in?

On jewelry items, if you have the original receipt and the item is still in good condition, we will give you the full purchase price as a trade in value (WITHIN 1 YEAR) on something that is substantially more expensive. This will allow you to enjoy an item for a time while you save up to buy a much better one, or to let you change your style periodically. Other non-jewelry items are subject to our regular evaluation concerning age and condition. Show us the receipt and we MAY be able to give you a better price on a trade in.

So just what do you sell at Mr. Pawn?

Jewelry, TV's, GUNS, DVD's, coins and bullion items,digital cameras and lenses, tools, radios, stereos, guitars, musical instruments, video games, computers, stereos, mountain bikes, holsters, pool cues, camcorders, metal detectors, silverware, watches, binoculars, spotting scopes, knives, pocket watches....the list just goes on. And of course, all at GOOD savings!

So.....what did I forget?

Surely you must have more questions. Feel free to contact us at any time Mr. Pawn in Boulder City (702) 293-7296 or Mr. Pawn in Mesquite at (702) 346-3777, and Mr. Pawn in Bullhead City (928) 758-7296